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The Latest News From Dr. Todd

Be Part of a Historical Event On May 21st

In this crucial moment in history, you can join over a billion people along with the world’s leading spiritual teachers and artists of our time to influence and unite the world in a global #MayDay Meditation and Prayer event.

Join the #LoveRevolution for #WorldMeditationDay and shift the global conversation from FEAR to LOVE. 

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My HealCircle Podcast Interview

I recently spoke online with Reena Jadhav, on the HealCircle podcast.

We talked about growing younger, and how it might be possible for humans to live a long, long time… maybe even forever.

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Who Is Dr. Todd?

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, or just Dr. Todd as he is widely known, is an innovative scientist, doctor, and researcher.

Dr. Todd’s inventions are bringing a new way of thinking about aging and medicine, based on the body’s nutritional needs rather than pure chemical attempts to heal symptoms and issues.

His contributions to the science of aging, advanced nutrition, and to solving issues of human disease, are outstanding.

Dr. Todd is a sought-after speaker, teacher, author, doctor, and researcher. Read more about Dt. Todd here.